Our Partners

The SME Partners is not just our name, it’s our mantra. We become your partner, identifying and actioning the growth plans that will allow your business to reach its full potential.

Queensland Bakery

We’re not going to lie; this has been one of our biggest successes to date. A massive 250% growth in sales pipeline and a contract to launch a retail range into Pret. We’ve taken this 100-year-old family bakery through a business growth strategy, rebrand, new website and now we manage all their marketing on an outsourced model.

Business Growth & Re-Brand

Living Nature is all about the cuddles. Cuddles from lions, tigers, bears, even hedgehogs. It’s a brand of never-ending cuddles and we loved helping them with a growth plan providing benchmark figures to size the market in both the UK and US, product proposition opportunities and a channel-by-channel marketing plan.