Queensland Bakery Co

Can you have your cake and eat it? During the two years when Covid dominated and the world was going ecommerce stir crazy, The SME Partners partnership with a 100-year-old B2B Family Bakery to relaunch its brand and product proposition on a limited budget, proved that you really can have your cake – with an extra cherry on top.


250% growth for 100-year-old family B2B Bakery

Our story didn’t start on the B2B side. It started right in the heat of Covid to pivot this 100-year-old bakery brand Lewis & Baker into B2C marketplace. Job done and with the out of food sector gradually returning to pre-covid levels our focus turned to B2B growth. The existing brand architecture under the brand name Fulfil was convoluted and lacked a range in format necessary for the food to go sector. After a period of market research, we identified a number of new product formats to launch and targeted the frozen baked goods market as a key growth area.

New products for growth

Using market research, we identified that a multi format approach was essential to hit the ambitious business objectives that had been set. From identifying the need for freshly frozen and bake-off products to helping create five new formats, our work with the bakery significantly increased relevance in the marketplace and opened up a plethora of new opportunities.

Website & Brand Relaunch

Relaunching the outdated Fulfil brand and replacing an outdated website followed. Within 4 months, the brand was relaunched with a new website and marketing collateral under the new brand name Queensland Bakery, a homage to the families 100-year-old history from their first bakery store name in Southampton.

“The growth story of Queensland Bakery Co. Since The SME Partners came on board growth has been unprecedented for our business. Over 250% growth in two years in sales pipelines.”

— Brett Fowler – Commercial Director.

Digital & CRM Strategy

The new brand and product proposition was launched to the market with a new website, sales and marketing collateral and after a period of CRM segmentation the new products and brands were relaunched to existing customers via email nurture stream activity over a period of 3 months.

Sales Communication Strategy

We worked with the sales team to establish a new on-boarding journey for prospects, including collateral and utilsisation of CRM. Once a quality lead was established a tailored sales pack with product ideation, market opportunities, brand mock ups of packaging was created. This tailored approach led to an increase in discussion between client and Queensland and marked increase in white label business.


Outsourced Marketing

Our outsourced marketing management for Queensland Bakery Co sees us take a hands-on approach to their marketing execution including management of Google pay per click, email marketing, SEO, website design & UX, above the line marketing and trade event marketing.


Lead generation

Our proven lead generation methodology allows QBC to not only introduce the brand to targeted prospects in new sectors, but also to create effective nurture stream activity to convert prospects to customers.  We work across a number of communication channels to ensure a 360 approach to conversion, from PPC, outbound lead gen and nurture activity.