What are the most successful companies that you can think of? Nike, Apple, McDonalds, IKEA? And I bet that when you think of them you can visualize them instantly. That is thanks to branding. Impactful, effective and with cut-through; it’s what many start-ups aim for in the fledgling stage of their businesses.

It’s surprising then, how often the word ‘brand’ is misused. We hear companies referred to as brands; products referred to as brands; logos referred to as brands. But perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising. For a concept that is so widely accepted to be powerful, branding is not a concept that is easily applied.

The most common misunderstanding of ‘brand’ is that it can be used interchangeably with ‘business’. Though indelibly linked the two are not equal and for a growth strategy to work, you will need to have brand at its very heart.

We specialise in growing your brand to grow your business and use proven strategies to define your brand, expand your brand reach and ensure the right brand message is at the heart of your business.

Perhaps you are a start-up that needs a brand strategy or you’ve an existing brand that isn’t hitting the spot and affecting your growth. Whatever your situation we have a range of proven brand strategies to help your business grow. We’ve managed some big brands in our time, so fear not, we know how to get your brand back on track.

Crafting your brand

From the look of your brand, to how you talk to customers, it’s important to establish the  why, followed by the what and how of your brand. And once you have that nailed, you can put it at the heart of your business.

The look of your brand

Over the years we’ve worked with our partners to develop the look and feel of their brands. From initial concept through to full execution we can take you on the brand journey you need to go without it costing the earth.

Expanding your brand reach

We use a range of proven strategies to expand your brand reach, from traditional above the line marketing to digital brand campaigns. We will help you plan brand campaigns from start to finish to suit your budget.