Cutter & Squidge

Cutter & Squidge are a soho based Artisan bakery, specialising in baked goods and all natural products. The business pivoted quickly and very effectively during Covid-19 and found a highly engaged community through e-commerce. Our journey with the brand started post Covid, as the founders wanted to retain and continue their accelerated growth once conventional retail had re-opened. Our initial focus was looking at growth opportunities through expansion into new distribution channels, as well as product propositions, marketplaces and corporate gifting.

Channel Growth

For Cutter & Squidge, The SME Partners worked to restructure the marketing team, completing a skills gap analysis, recommending a two-phase team structure and supporting the founders to reset all KPI’s, accountabilities and job descriptions for the team. In addition, we execute strategic projects and initiatives designed to deliver incremental growth through new channels and activities, from partnerships to influencers and affiliates.

“The SME Partners are a team that can cover all bases. They have helped Cutter & Squidge upskill the team and get them into positions where they are thriving and raring to go. On the strategy side, they have an overview and insight that is invaluable and will challenge your own thought process. They will get their hands stuck into any part of the marketing stream you need and coach a young team to success ”

— Annabel Lui, Founder and CEO, Cutter & Squidge

Team support

With a young but ambitious team in place, we worked to embed ways of working with the team, from taking the reporting line of all team members directly to ourselves, as well as creating, managing and measuring the marketing activity calendar across all marketing channels including Social, CRM, Loyalty, partnerships, Influencers and digital marketing. We also advertised, interviewed and recruited key team members through a series of technical and behavioural interview techniques.

Digital Strategy & Management

The SME Partners took the leadership role to develop the existing team, and drive value from the digital agencies. We tendered for a new dev agency, ERP and WMS system and ran the procurement and pitch process, project managing a successful handover. We crafted a development road map, focussing on conversion optimisation and enhancing the customer journey and UX.