Working for The SME Partners – Jess

  • 21st December 2021
Written by Adam Barrett Brook

Describe your job working at The SME Partners

I am a marketing executive at The SME Partners where I currently manage some of our clients’ accounts. My main role is to create and execute social media and CRM campaigns, and analyse their performance. I also get involved in developing strategies for the brands that I manage.

What is the best thing you’ve learnt in your job at The SME Partners?


The best thing I have learnt in my job has to be creating my own photoshoot for one of our clients’ Christmas campaigns. This involved developing the clients’ Christmas strategy and proposing an accompanying photoshoot to reflect this. I created the brief and executed the shoot myself, making sure this would be within our clients’ budget. The final images have been used throughout our clients’ website, social media channels and via CRM. It’s been extremely interesting to bring my own concept and ideas to life and seeing how well the images have helped boost Christmas sales. This has been a huge achievement for me as it has demonstrated my creativity, confidence in my work, and the trust between the client and myself when dealing with their budgets.

What is the most challenging part of starting a new job as a graduate? 


The most challenging part of starting a new job for me as a graduate has been working from home. Settling into a career and a first job is tricky enough but doing it whilst being unable to work in an office due to the pandemic has definitely had its challenges. It took me a little while to familiarise myself with it, but I’ve found that scheduling weekly calls with my colleagues and making the most of being in the office when we can has been very helpful for me. And now I do enjoy the extra time in the mornings when I don’t have to commute to work…

Has there been any funny moments? If so, give us the dirt!


There’s been a lot of funny moments when we all meet up in the office, and a couple that stand out to me has got to be teaching one of our team that there’s more to food than just chicken nuggets and chips! And our fixation with Love Island over the Summer… There’s never a dull moment when we’re together, that’s for sure!