The Metaverse… The new buzz word of 2022

  • 26th May 2022
Written by Adam Barrett Brook

Imagine hanging out with your favourite music band and catching a first-class flight to Dubai in your own kitchen. Imagine learning to fly a helicopter, see the most infamous landmarks of the world all from the safety of your home. In simple terms, the Metaverse is a 3-dimensional internet.


What exactly is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a very hard term and idea to define. Basically, a place parallel to the physical world, where you spend your digital life. A place where you and other people have avatar’s, and you can interact. It’s seen as the logical next stage of development of human real life and would ideally be accessed through a single gateway. It is almost a futuristic projection on life now.

The metaverse allows you to build your dream/ultimate life on the internet, a place where you can show off and boast your most priced possessions to other users. You can build homes, wardrobes, cars the list goes on and on. All items can be purchased through virtual money and finances. With it only being in its early stages, I am sure the capabilities of the metaverse will expand rapidly.

How Can the Metaverse Help Businesses?

With the metaverse still being up and coming, fresh and new there is a great opportunity right now for brands to establish a foothold in the Metaverse, the rules are being established, the way we interact and think of it is still being moulded, so it is a perfect time to start this journey.

Many companies are hopping on the metaverse hype, more recently Nike have just launched their first pair of 3D metaverse trainers that are able to be purchased by users.

It is also now another platform and way of creating and getting more sales. It can be an opportunity for some brands to reach a whole new demographic of people, people who may never have even seen a company’s products/services before.

It also allows a company to look good and impressive, proving they are keeping up with trends, technologies, and the development of the world.

The Vatican Ventures into the Metaverse

A story that has taken world by surprise has been the Vatican announcing they are entering the metaverse in a partnership with developer Sensorium. They are developing the first-ever VR and NFT gallery hosting Vatican art.

Upon its launch to the metaverse, manuscripts, masterpieces and more will be available virtually to a wider audience worldwide.

The Vatican already receives averages of 6 million people per year, and with this new development they hope to increase this statistic further and further.

Father Philip Larrey, chairman of Humanity 2.0 commented: “We look forward to working with Sensorium to explore ways to democratise art, making it more widely available to people around the world regardless of their socio-economic and geographical limitations. The partnership with Sensorium brings this goal a step further and equips us with the latest tech solutions.”

If this movement is successful, I am sure other businesses, museums and galleries will follow in the Vatican’s footsteps.

The metaverse really is an exciting prospect. It is going to be fascinating in seeing what is to come for the future…