NHS Property Services

NHS Property Services engaged us to create an immersive training programme that would allow their colleagues to engage with and put customers at the heart of their organisation. We instigated starting a movement from the ground up, with the help of front-line colleagues and customers to identify the group service proposition.

Staff Listening

Listening sessions within the business workshop with key stakeholders and frontline staff to determine their views on tangible differences they can make in their roles to improve the customer’s experience. Understanding the barriers and challenges that are inherent in the organisation enabled us to create a truly bespoke programme.

Training Programme

A training programme designed around putting the customer at the heart of the NHS Property Services focusing on behaviours, actions and positive processes that each individual and department can take forward.

Keynote speech at NHS Event

Keynote speech to over 200 senior managers at an NHS property services event to sharfe with them the programme and kickstart initiatives and training to help put the customer at the heart of the organisation. How you build a brand and start a movement from the ground up.